• Eyelash extensions will last for up to 5-6 weeks (Full set) with infills required every 2-3 weeks. 
  • Do not use normal mascara as the oils will damage your lash extensions, only use eyelash extension mascara if required.
  • Make up ~ Be careful when applying mineral foundation, translucent powder, eye shadow etc. Brush off any powder that may drop onto your lashes
  • Make up ~ eyeliner. To increase the longevity of your lashes you should only use eyelash extension liner to your top lid
  • Take care to avoid hairspray touching your lashes, the chemicals in hairspray causes a lot of damage to your extensions
  • Be very gentle cleaning around your eyes, eyelash extension makeup remover should be used as a first choice.
  • Do not sleep on your lashes as it will crush them
  • Be aware of extreme temperatures - your lashes do not like the heat i.e. Sauna's
  • Do not get your lashes wet for 48 hours once applied
  • Be sure to brush your lashes daily (I will supply you a wand)
  • Do not rub your eyes!

The more you care for your lashes the longer they will last

  • Are designed for one night but if you take extreme care, have had clients have there party lashes last for 14 days (7-9 days seems to be the norm)
  • You can never get them wet
  • Are applied with a latex based glue, the lash is attached to the skin and eyelashes
  • Party Lash Clusters are a very full, thick, lush, glamorous look